BobaTrader – Full Options Daytrading Guide

For the last 5 years I dedicated myself to developing an options trading strategy that would allow me make consistent profits, day in day out. This strategy has led to me making over $4M in my trading career, allowing me to quit my job and trade full time.

I focused on mastering only a few setups that I could trade on multiple stocks, and Im ready to share it with everyone, along with many other aspects of trading that helped me get to where I am today.

This course contains:

My trading backstory
Trading Psychology (How to master your emotions)
Basics of Options trading
Supports & Resistances (Key levels)
Supply & Demand (core of my strategy)
My Charting Methods
My 2 Setups (Bread and Butter setups i use everyday)
Key to Risk Management (How I keep losses small)
Small Account Methods
Scaling Up (How to go from $100/day to $1k a day)
Real examples of my trades from last year.
And much more


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