Greg Capra Master Trader Advanced Technical Strategies

MTS Teaches You the Strategies that Apply to All Markets

All Trading Instruments and Styles use Master Trader Technical Strategies – MTS

All use MTS Foundation and Advanced Position and Money Management

You do NOT need a Specialty Course

Master Trader Technical Strategies – Trading Techniques for the current markets in One Power-Packed Course.

Whether you trade Stocks, ETFs, Futures, or FOREX this is the last course you’ll need.

A Complete Course with proven Strategies for Investing, Swing Trading, Day Trading and Gap Trading.

Advanced Position and Money Management Techniques to Maximize Profits in today’s markets

Market Internals, Inter-market Analysis, Psychology of Trading and so much more.


The Price VOID Concept

7 Attributes of Trend Strength

7 Points to Master Support and Resistance

Candlestick and BAR by BAR Analysis Method

The Trend Analysis Method that Always Keeps You With the Trend

Relative Strength and Weakness Combined with Retracement Analysis

Failed Pattern Techniques that show you how to profit when you or others are wrong

Position and Money Management Techniques that Maximizes Profits

Trader’s and Investor’s and Psychology that Creates the Right Mindset

Market Internals that signal short-term the tops and bottoms of the market

Inter-Market Analysis for Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies

Multiple Time Frames Analysis that places your positions aligned in those times frames


12 Modules for this Advanced Technical Strategies Course, which have been artfully created to take you on an educational Journey to Option Trading Mastery!